Writing Prompt #9 answer – How long could I go without the Internet?

Writing Prompt #9 is called ‘No Internet‘ and it asks how long you could survive without the internet?

I’m confident I could last quite a while without the internet, I did it once already for a start ( I didn’t get a computer with the internet until I was already a teenager).

Plus I have many many many books I’m yet to read, I’d have a lot fewer distractions in my life because the internet is just a black-hole of time so I would actually have time to  write all the things I actually want to write which is just a list that gets longer and longer by the day as I think up more ideas.

Oh and let’s not forget alcohol, the ultimate boredom killer.

The thing I would miss most about the internet would be the access to all the information it provides, I’m not sure how I would handle having to rely solely on the mainstream media again and all the lies and manipulation they present.

I’ve seen things where people detox from all technology for a few weeks to a month and it helps them reset their natural body clocks and the like. I’d really like to try something like that. Take a suitcase full of books, lots of pens and paper, and some booze and just spend a month in a nice comfy well furnished cabin in the woods somewhere. I’d give myself two days before I go mad.


Remember to give the prompt a go yourself and link back for all to see.


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