Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

My response to the daily prompt titled Sidewalk which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

It’s called the pavement not the sidewalk.

The pavement near me is a real nightmare and not because of dog crap although I know some areas that are really really bad for that. When I was a student there was one street near my student house that had so much dog crap on you couldn’t walk down it. You basically had to walk in the road there was that much dog mess, it was disgusting. There’s no excuse for it.

No the issue with the pavement where I currently live is that lots of it is broken and is uneven so you have to be careful how you walk. It’s a real danger for the elderly, the blind, and people with disabilities. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve always tripped.

Do the council care? Do they bollocks. They’d rather waste people’s money on pointless programs that have zero effect on the local area but look good on a CV and that they can brag about and show off. Or give themselves a nice pay raise, let’s not forget about that. They didn’t burn down the local area this term so that deserves a bonus.

Real issues that actually affect people in the local area like broken pavement? No that’s too trivial and they can’t show it off or brag about it so who cares.

OK this is getting far too political and ranty so I’m going to stop now however I maintain broken and uneven pavement is an important issue that people overlook, you kind of don’t realise until you have an elderly relative that struggles with it.



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