Daily Prompt: Plop

My response to the daily prompt titled Plop which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I do enjoy onomatopoeia although I wouldn’t say plop is my favourite example of one, that would have to go to something like swoosh which just feels a lot more fun to say.

The other thing that plop makes me thing of is Sim City. And no that isn’t some sort of poo joke about how poor the game is (for that we have Sim Shitty). In the game they call the points where buildings like hospitals, police stations etc have to be placed “plop points” which has always struck me as weird. OK so yes it is where you plop the building down but it just sounds silly, why not call it a placement point? It is after all where you are placing the building. It may seem like a small and trivial thing but things like that can help set the tone of a game, especially when it pops up every time you are trying to place, sorry plop, a building down. See it just sounds weird. Plop a building. We’re back to poo jokes.



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