Writing Prompt #3 answer – Would I like to be immortal?

Writing Prompt #3 is called ‘Immortal‘ and it asks if you would like to be immortal?

Yes. No. Maybe. Only for a few centuries, although I suppose that is technically no and more like an extremely long lifespan.

If you lived for a few centuries you would get to see how humanity develops and evolves. You would get to see humanity begin its exploration of the stars. How technology progresses. Or you might get to see the answer to one of the big questions, are we alone in the universe?

The big problem with being immortal would be if the government finds out or some mad scientists. You’d either spend your time trying to evade capture by them or be captured by them and be subject to all kinds of experiments as they try to work out the secret to your immortality.

Oh and I suppose constantly outliving all your friends and family wouldn’t be nice either.

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