Daily Prompt: Cheat

My response to the daily prompt titled Cheat which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

As many of you may be aware I’m a big gamer, so big in fact that I have gaming blog (here) and a gaming YouTube channel (here).

Cheating is a big issue in the gaming world. Some people are OK with it while others are dead against. Personally I don’t care if people cheat in single player games or in multiplayer games with their friends when everyone is OK with it or is cheating themselves.

However I don’t agree with it in multiplayer games like Team Fortress 2 where it is online multiplayer with people you don’t know, in those situations, and I have been in games where people are cheating, it’s just not fun for all the other players. Everyone slowly gets fed up and slowly starts dropping out  in search of other games where there are no cheaters.

I cheat in single player games sometimes. Again I wrote about it in terms of Football Manager (here) where there is a form of cheating in that game where you basically save the game before every match  and if you don’t get the result you want you close the game down and open it up again. To an extent it is fun and it helps me create the narrative in that game that I want (namely I am the greatest manager ever). However there does sometimes come a point where I “cheat” too much and it ruins the whole game for me and I ditch the save file, quite often that happens when I start taking money from my rivals to cripple them and get them relegated although it has led to some crazy Premier League tables for me.

Cheat if you want to cheat. It’s your game. Do whatever makes it more fun for you. Just be careful in multiplayer becomes whats fun for you might not be fun for other people. Gee doesn’t that sound like some kind of life lesson?


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