Daily Prompt: Expert

My response to the daily prompt titled Expert which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I was thinking about talking about video games and how I play most of them on the expert difficulty, or whatever it is called as it varies from game to game. It’s a nice mix between fun and a challenge.

However after reading the news and yet more “experts” saying Brexit won’t happen, we’ll need to have a second referendum blah blah blah I figured I would talk about the so called “experts” we see on TV.

The Brexit referendum result and the last general election in the UK have both shown that the “experts” and their views are not entirely reliable. They predicted Brexit would lose, that didn’t happen. They predicted that the general election would be very close with the Tories barely getting a majority, if at all. Again didn’t happen.

It’s also worrying how some people treat what they say as gospel, like they are somehow infallible, and that whatever they says must be true.

Now I’m not saying don’t listen to the “experts” and what they have to say, but take it with a pinch of salt. Everyone has an agenda. The media select the “experts” that they have on for a reason, because they back up the narrative that media group wants to push.

I think the growth in the internet and things like YouTube and blogs have really shown how unreliable and untrustworthy the mainstream media can be. We can now look at all the data, polls etc ourselves, we don’t need the mainstream media and the “experts” they invite on anymore to get this information.

This idea would seem to be backed up by polls and the like that show trust in the mainstream media is at shockingly low numbers. Maybe people are just becoming more educated and less reliant on the mainstream media? That sounds like a nice positive way to spin it.


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