Daily Prompt: Witness

My response to the daily prompt titled Witness which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

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Another old useful post I found while cleaning up the blog

Along with the rewiring your brain to happiness post I found an old post talking about effective blogging habits that I also wrote in October 2014 (so long ago now).

Of the three habits listed I have done none of them. I’ve tried out the app on my Kindle Fire tablet recently and it was OK but I’m not really a fan of typing on a tablet, it feels clumsy.

The topics thing, eh. I write about what I want to write about. I don’t want to copy other peoples ideas although I suppose it would be great to find other people who write on similar things to me so maybe I should be doing that. Of course I’m too lazy to actually read. Words are like difficult and I have to move my eyes and just ugh.

The final thing it said was an editorial calendar which really really really strikes a cord with my OCD side. Making a calendar with pretty colours, lists, organisation, charts, it’s just heaven to me and it’s one that I actually tried. I opened up excel and actually made a little blogging schedule for myself but then my procrastinating side kicked in and it all fell apart.

On the plus side I do at least have a sort of blogging schedule in my mind that I’d like to try to stick to even though I don’t that often. I’ve been tempted to do like a blog post on like a Sunday or Monday saying all the things I’d like to write/post that week because if I tell/show people my plans I’m better at sticking to them because of the shame and embarrassment of not sticking to it. Of course the usual procrastination issues would probably kick in and ruin it but maybe its the way to go. A step down from a full editorial calendar.

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