Decent night at the football (Chelsea vs Bristol Rovers)

So I was originally going to write this last night but by the time I got home I was just so tired and my feet hurt that I had something to eat and went to bed.

We won the match 3-2 (we’ve uploaded our match review here if you want to watch) so its not all bad. You can’t be too upset when your team win and progress to the next round, but the team of the performance wasn’t great.

I forgot how much I hate the travel to the ground and back. Packed buses, packed tubes and then with the current heat its just horrible. It’s so hot and sweaty and sticky and smelly and yuck. You get to the ground and you are covered in sweat and then you have to sit surrounded by people for two hours before going back underground again to get on a tube. It’s just horrible. By the time you get home you just want to collapse.

If only I could live five minutes from the ground I would be so happy. Well no not really the traffic on matchdays would be a complete nightmare but close enough to be able to walk there and back would be nice.


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