Daily Prompt: Youth

My response to the daily prompt titled Youth which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

The first thing that came to my mind is the fountain of youth and on this subject I have several questions about the fountain and how it works that I’ve never quite understood.

We start with the who, why, how, and what. Who made? Why did they make it? How did they make it? And what did they make it of?

Was the magical water already present as some sort of lake that kept the fish alive but stopped them from growing up because it kept them young like some kind of terrible terrible nightmare, raising the question of how these fish were born if they are all kept in a childlike state because of the magical water. No fish were adults to do the grownup tango of the bedroom.

Did this being that discovered the magical water think “gee this is swell but such neat water deserves so much more than just sitting around as a lake with fish swimming in it, I bet it would be so much nicer if I made it a lovely looking fountain to spray out of.”

This leads me to the question of how and out of what material. If they were working with the water did they get some on them and turn young for a little bit and have to wait before continuing work?

Did the materials used to make the fountain matter? Did the magical water make some erode quicker? Did some materials make the water lose its magical powers? How was this tested?

If you went through all the effort to make a fountain for magical water why would you want to hide it? Surely you would want to show it off so why can’t we find it? Why?

How often do you have to drink the magical water? How long do the effects last?

How much magical water is left? Is that why we can’t find the fountain of youth? Did our ancestors drink all of it already like greedy bastards?

So many questions and so few answers.



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