Daily Prompt: Ghost

My response to the daily prompt titled Ghost which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

One of the writing prompts I did asked if you believed in ghosts and my answer then as it is now is probably not.

I’m yet to see any convincing proof and there’s always one thing that bugs me, where are all the ghosts of things like cows and dinosaurs? Some of them had traumatic deaths so why no ghosts? Explain.

I want to see a creepy cow ghost. And taunt it with a steak. Shouting “this is what become of you wanker” as I wave the steak in its face. Cruel? Perhaps. Funny? Yes. If I make it mad enough I could become the first person to die at the hands of a ghost cow. At least I’m assuming I’d be the first since you never hear anyone talk about ghost cows!

If you want to go read my previous post on this click here.


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