Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens

As promised more photos of flowers, this time from the desert zone in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, and yes it was bloody hot in there just like an actual desert.

Starting with this.


Your classic cactus or at least what looks like one. It even has the little arm and everything. Just draw some eyes and mouth on it and it could be a cactuar from the Final Fantasy games.


A nice family scene with lots of cacti looking things on show. Again it looks like a typical desert scene. Not that I’ve ever actually been in a desert to know what a typical desert looks like but it looks like how I imagine a typical desert to look based off what I’ve seen on TV and in games.


Are these baby cacti or cacti balls? I’m not sure, either way you wouldn’t want to play football with them, imagine the pain of a header. You’d be picking spikes out of your head for days.


More mini cacti of different shapes and colour.


And finally we have the cacti tree or a weird cacti-octopus hybrid, a cactopus. Just look at those arms they could easily be the tentacles of an octopus or squid. Alternatively it would make for a great desert themed christmas tree, its arms are perfect to hang tinsel and balls and lights off.

I’m impressed with how many cacti or cacti looking plants there are. They are all evil and have spikes though. I suppose even plants have to protect themselves in this big bad world.

Previous photos:


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