Some pictures of the Bonsai trees/plants at Kew Gardens

I promised you pictures of flowers today and, well does a tree count as a flower? We’ll just pretend that they do.

The incredible thing I learnt in the little bonsai shed at Kew Gardens is that bonsai trees and plants are just normal plants grown in special containers and looked after in a particular way, if you took them out of their special container and planted them in the ground they would grow to their normal size. I knew there was a special technique for looking after them but I thought that was because of the type of plant they are and that they were tricky to look after because of that, I had no idea they are just normal plants made mini. It makes them more impressive in my opinion.

DSC_0086This is a Stuartia (also spelt Stewartia) monadelpha tree, which are native to Japan. Apparently they have white flowers but as you can see from the photo, when we went they weren’t in bloom, we just got to see its nice green leaves.

DSC_0091DSC_0089The above two photos are of Japanese maples and the one in the blue pot has been grown in that pot for 80 years! Just think of the stories it must have.

DSC_0090Above is a Scots pine actually from Scotland where it was collected from a peat bog and it is over 50 years old. Looks good for its age.

DSC_0093And finally we come to the European larch, this one was raised from a seed in the UK and is also around 50 years old. In the wild this type of tree can grow to be 45 metres tall, this little guy would clearly get bullied by these bigger trees.

Those are just a few of the bonsai tree or bonsai plants that Kew Gardens have, I still find it amazing that they are just mini versions and big trees, tomorrow I’ll continue with photos of flowers and plants.


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