Some pictures of the pagoda at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I showed you some photos of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens (here) today it is some of the photos of the pagoda they have.

I love the architectural style of a pagoda, the multi-tiered tower with lots of eaves. The pagoda at Kew Gardens was completed in 1762, making it older than the American Declaration of Independence which is really quite impressive and somewhat surreal, at the height of the Chinoiserie craze in Europe, basically everything was Chinese inspired in terms of art, tradition, style etc. As for how tall it is, it stands at 163 feet or about 50 metres, a fair old height.

Sadly the pagoda is currently undergoing restoration until 2018 so we didn’t get to climb it or see inside, I should imagine it gives a great view from the top.

Right enough with the background information and on with the pictures. I’ll put four up here for now because several of the pictures are similar but I did take like 15-20 total because of the sunlight and trying to fit the whole thing in so if people are really interested I can put up more pics of it.

DSC_0278There it is in the distance. I love how there is a grass path lined with trees leading to it from one area of the gardens. The sunlight is a bit annoying but it was a nice sunny day in England for once.

DSC_0284Here is a better one of it with the trees lining the path from when we got a bit closer to it, although rather annoyingly it has a tree blocking its view. I would say cut that tree down but it has benches in the shade that allow you to sit and admire the building in comfort. We actually stopped there to have a snack and drink. That might be important information to some people.

DSC_0286Here is a close up view of it from the bench we were sitting on to eat a snack. We are so close that I couldn’t fit all of it into the shot, however that is a testament to just how bloody tall it is.

DSC_0301And finally we come to what is perhaps my favourite photo of the pagoda. This was just as we reached the end of the path that you can see in the first two photos and pulled level with the tree blocking the view in them. You might also be able to tell that I had to hold the camera sideways to fit the whole thing in because of how tall it is. Looks fantastic though.

Remember I can put up more photos of the pagoda if anyone wants to see more although they are all mostly similar to the four above just taken from slightly different distances and angles. I think I can also upload big version of these or any other photos from our day at Kew Gardens if people would prefer. And finally please feel free to use these photos on any of your blogs.

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