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Some pictures of the pagoda at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I showed you some photos of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens (here) today it is some of the photos of the pagoda they have.

I love the architectural style of a pagoda, the multi-tiered tower with lots of eaves. The pagoda at Kew Gardens was completed in 1762, making it older than the American Declaration of Independence which is really quite impressive and somewhat surreal, at the height of the Chinoiserie craze in Europe, basically everything was Chinese inspired in terms of art, tradition, style etc. As for how tall it is, it stands at 163 feet or about 50 metres, a fair old height.

Sadly the pagoda is currently undergoing restoration until 2018 so we didn’t get to climb it or see inside, I should imagine it gives a great view from the top.

Right enough with the background information and on with the pictures. I’ll put four up here for now because several of the pictures are similar but I did take like 15-20 total because of the sunlight and trying to fit the whole thing in so if people are really interested I can put up more pics of it.
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