Some pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens

The other week (or was it month? I lose track of time) we went to Kew Gardens and took a load of photos, well I’ve finally gotten around to uploading them onto my computer. Hey better later than never though.

We begin with pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens that absolutely loved the attention and waited until it got a nice big crowd around it before showing off the way only peacocks can.

DSC_0386There it is, looking all graceful as it wandered around waiting for its audience. It was as calm as anything, all the people didn’t see to bother it, it just kept walking about as more and more people gathered to take a look.

DSC_0404DSC_0400Above you can see two photos of the peacock putting on its fabulous display.  They look amazing, so bright and colourful, it’s also a lot bigger than what you’d expect when they have their tail up like that, especially when you consider how small it looks in the top photo with its tail down.

DSC_0389However while the front is all lovely and colourful, the same can’t be said about the rear. Just look at how dull and boring it is. You never see peacocks from behind and this is the reason why. I don’t why but I expected it to still be bright and colourful with a similar pattern but nope.

DSC_0395This photo is perhaps my favourite. It shows the two sides of a peacock. The bright and colourful front/top and the normal rear/bottom. Take away all those bright colours and it looks like any other bird underneath.

The main lesson here is that peacocks are a lie. The bright colours are all an act to hide the fact that they are normal and just like any other bird. It’s like they are some kind of metaphor…


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