Daily Prompt: Crisis – Probably the best way to describe the world at the moment

My response to the daily prompt titled Crisis which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Which way do I go with this one?

How about the wave of terrorist attacks across Europe as people try to impress their imaginary friend by blowing themselves up, hacking  and stabbing people on a train with an axe, shooting people, running them over in a truck, beheading a priest, and trying to abduct service personnel when they leave the base to go out for a jog. If that is the sort of thing that impresses your imaginary friend, you need to find yourself a better imaginary friend.

Or what about the US election coming up in November where the American’s have the choice between someone who somehow escaped being arrested by the FBI, deleted thousands of emails which were evidence, and is now caught up in a whole wikileaks thing which shows the primaries were basically rigged in their favour or Donald Trump.

Yep the world really is in crisis.


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