A post written on my tablet using the WordPress app

As the title suggests this is me testing out the WordPress app out on my tablet to see how well I can write a post on it.

The answer is so so. I’m not a fan of touchscreen keyboards but I am a fan of being lazy and lying in bed and this app allows me to be in bed and blog at the same time so that’s a win. It has another advantage in that their are fewer distractions as well. Downside is the typing is a bugger but I’m not doing too badly although the autocorrect is helping a lot, I can’t imagine how bad it’d be if I was typing words it didn’t know. Also I have no idea how to use link’s on here.

That’s funny the default spelling for link was Link with a capital L as in Link from The Legend of Zelda. I wonder why that is.

I might use this app to write some short posts of thoughts and musings I have while I’m chilling in bed because I find that’s when I have most of my best ideas which I normally forget by the time I find pen and paper or make it to my PC. Would that sort of thing interest people?

Now where is the publish button?

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