Daily Prompt: Desert

My response to the daily prompt titled Desert which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

When I first read the prompt title I thought it said dessert, probably because it’s lunchtime and I haven’t eaten yet today. I would really love some ice cream right now, it’s hot and sticky so something nice and cold would be perfect. Mint chocolate ice cream.

The thing I find weird about desert’s is the fact that they are meant to be really cold at night after being scorching hot all day. What kind of twisted bastard came up with that idea?

“Right then, make it super hot all day so that people have to strip off all their clothes and then make the nights so cold that they will freeze to death for doing that. Freeze or burn.”

I have never been to a desert and visiting one is not high up on my list of things to do or places to see. All that sand getting everywhere, I feel itchy and uncomfortable just thinking about it.


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