Daily Prompt: False

My response to the daily prompt titled False which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Must. Avoid. Politics.

I’m sure you could write something about all the false claims from both the remain and leave camps during the recent referendum in the UK on EU membership.

I saw a headline in one of the papers today talking about how George Osborne (who has such a punchable face) is already going back on some of his doom and gloom predictions of what would happen to the UK economy if we voted to leave the EU. See false claims.

False advertising? Although that sort of brings me back to the referendum where both sides were falsely advertising their positions, especially the remain camp who made some truly wild predictions about what would happen if we voted to leave. David Cameron said it would lead to World War 3, that Godzilla would rise from the ocean, dragons would swoop down from the skies and burn cities to the ground. OK I’m exaggerating the last two but there was some claim about how voting for Brexit could lead to instability that could lead to World War 3, yeah that and a load of other events.

For balance’s sake I’ll mention that whole thing about the £350 million a week that we pay the EU that could be spent on the NHS and then people changing their tunes, the whole debate on whether or not it is actually £350 million we pay them etc. I saw a lot of conflicting stuff on that and people trying to blame it on Nigel Farage which is actually false in itself. As far as I am aware, and if I’m wrong please correct me, but Nigel Farage and his leave campaign never made that claim, it was the leave campaign that had Boris Johnson and Michael Gove that made it so it is false to say Farage is going back on it.

There is good news however for I have a non-politics example of something false to end with and that is when something is advertised as new and improved. If something is improved it is not new and if something is new it cannot have been improved because then it would not be new. I’ve never understood it.



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