[Weird News] 510-foot-long “replica” of Noah’s ark has been built by creationist’s in Kentucky

A 510-foot-long, or 155 metre if you prefer, “replica” of Noah’s Ark has been built by a creationist group in Kentucky for the cost of around $100 million. Oh boy.

The ark was built by creationist group Answers in Genesis, led by Ken Ham, who believe the biblical story actually happened and that the ark will stand as proof of that as well as proof that all the other stories in the bible are true.

Er how exactly? That’s not how proof works. All it shows is that you built a 510-foot-long boat and even then I don’t know if it is a boat¬†because I have no idea if it is sea worthy, until then it is a 510-foot-long wooden structure in the shape of a boat. That’s still an impressive feat and it looks brilliant, certainly something to be proud of. It’s not proof though.

However here’s my favourite part, the ark is laid out with museum-style exhibits inside with displays showing Noah’s family and rows of cages containing animal replicas and dinosaurs for you see Answers in Genesis believe that the world is only about 6,000 years-old and dinosaurs lived at the same time as man (there’s like 65 million years separating the two). Wouldn’t it just be easier to have dinosaur eggs as opposed to like two T-Rex’s? Would save a lot of space.

As you can imagine some groups aren’t happy such as an atheist group in the area called Tri-State Freethinkers who¬†argue that it will have a negative impact on science education. From my limited knowledge of the American education system the debate of evolution vs creationism in science lessons is fairly big issue so I guess when you have what is effectively a church masquerading as a museum it’s a real worry.

I’ve never understood Noah’s Ark, especially the two of every animal part. Were there two tigers or two of each species of tiger? What about inbreeding? How could two of every animal create stable populations of each species of animal we now see? They would be screwed up from all the inbreeding that would be required. Are all people then descended then from Noah’s family? What about the genetic defects from inbreeding there?

Oh and let’s not forget that most religions have a flood myth of some kind.

Still despite all that I would actually love to visit this. It looks brilliant and it really is an impressive feat.



3 thoughts on “[Weird News] 510-foot-long “replica” of Noah’s ark has been built by creationist’s in Kentucky”

  1. Apparently, most religions have a common myth. Like Hindu’s belive in Manu-smriti. It has a similar tale- but the difference being that it is ancient, and the tale has been recounted in Indian texts since ages. The only question is- how can it serve as a proof?

    The definition of the world then- and the world now has changed. For example, the discovery of the new world etc. It might be that a person saved the lives of many beings from one land and brought them together to another.

    1. The most famous common myth has to be the whole virgin birth, that appears in just about every religion in some form.
      I’d say it was more likely a case as people travelled and spread out across the world they took their stories with them and as they were retold over the years details began to change to fit that groups customs and culture.

      1. I agree- although I haven’t heard this part of story in my region- I see more of propaganda’s in religions.
        Although not an Atheist- it still is as absurd as believing in idol worshiping (no offense) and kneel-beg before a rock.

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