[Weird News] Write a letter to God and get a free doughnut

You read that title correct, write a letter to God and you get a free doughnut because who doesn’t love doughnuts, especially free ones?

Some Christian movement called Breathe Communities was travelling around Cornwall in something called the Wave Bus which just sounds fantastically both very British and very Christian. I can just picture them driving around in it waving to people as they go from community event to community event.

However not everyone is so pleased with the offer, a couple of parents have taken to being outraged accusing the group of bribery claiming that they offered children free doughnuts if they wrote letters to God. Yes a sugary treat to bribe children into their religion, it’s better than the usual threats, fear, and intimidation that religions use to get people into following them and sticking with them.

Also kids aren’t that stupid. While the threats, fear, and intimidation can really do a number on them, giving them a free doughnut or magazine or something like that I doubt would be enough to convert them, they’ll eat it and quickly forget about the whole letter as they go back to running around before most likely throwing it up.

At this point I should point out that the Christian group claim there was no coercion and that the ‘blessings’ were handed out to everyone. Well they are Christians charity and kindness are meant to be a big part of their religion.

I’d happily write a letter to God in exchange for a free doughnut. Well unless it has custard in, I hate doughnuts with custard in.

Beyond that I don’t really have a problem with any of this. They are the ones giving away the doughnuts so they can stipulate any silly little rules they like and if the parents are that outraged by it all they can tell their kids no or sit down and explain to them what’s going on. Maybe that’s the problem, the parents don’t want to be the bad guys and tell their kids no or they don’t want to get into a potentially difficult conversation with their kids on the subject of religion.

I do like however that they are referring to doughnuts as ‘blessings’, how bad is life in Cornwall if doughnuts are classed as a ‘blessing’?



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