Daily Prompt: Tourist

My response to the daily prompt titled Tourist which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Like it or not (and I really don’t like it) when you go on holiday to a strange new place you are a tourist. Now I’m not saying all tourists are bad or even that tourism is bad, travel is good for people and tourism is great for economies even if tourists get in the way when you try to visit cool places.

No I hate being a tourist because, rightly or wrongly, I feel it paints a target on my back for scam artists etc. Being from London I know how easy it is for the natives to spot a tourist and some of the cons and scams aimed at them along with just general pick pocketing, however that seems like nothing compared to some of the stories you see in the news of what happens to tourists in other parts of the world. Getting conned or pickpocketed sucks but getting attacked etc is a lot lot worse.

Oh and then there is terrorism to worry about on top of all that. Kidnappings and ransoms as well.

You could argue that I over think this and worry too much about it, and you could be right, but depending on where you go in the world it has to be something that crosses your mind at least once.

I wonder if this was meant to be a happy prompt with people talking about the last time they went on holiday and were a tourist? Or maybe with summer just around the corner it was meant to be a look ahead to your holiday? Well because of prices and how most people go on holiday at this time of year I tend to avoid holidays over the summer period and instead go away around November for my birthday.



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