Daily Prompt: Countless

My response to the daily prompt called Countless which asked;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Is anything truly countless? I get how numbers can be so big that they are beyond comprehension, just look at the numbers and figures thrown about when politicians start talking about debts and deficits being in multiple trillions. It’s so big you can’t really picture it. It’s so big it basically loses all meaning. However it’s not countless. Just hire a few accountants, adding to the deficit, and you get a number.

Likewise the Earth is not countless years old. Scientists wearing their super awesome and cool lab coats can give us an approximate age for the Earth. Approximate is not countless.

Grains of sand on a beach not countless. I’ll admit it would be a very long and difficult process to count them all and not something I would like to do, but still not countless.



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