Daily Prompt: Circus

My response to the daily prompt titled Circus which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I’ve never been to a circus and nor do I plan to. They hold no appeal to me, plus they seem to be dying out. That is based on my rather unreliable and limited observations of seeing fewer and fewer posters advertising them each year.

Oh and there’s the whole animal thing. Animals shouldn’t be used for tricks and entertainment like that. Not nice. I’ve never got how the lion tamer is meant to be entertaining. A man stood in a cage with a whip and a chair facing off against lions yet if the lions win and get him they get put down, hows that fair? They won. At least that is my understanding of the situation, the lions must overcome the chair and the whip and eat the man. Maybe they should win their freedom if they succeed? That might make me more interested.

Oh and let’s not forget the clowns. Who the fuck likes clowns? What is the point of them? To entertain kids? That’s a load of bullshit because kids are terrified of clowns, which is a perfectly rational and reasonable response. Creepy gits.



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