Daily Prompt: Vision

My response to the daily prompt titled Vision which asks;

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Spent Friday night in A&E

What a shitty Friday night I had. And Saturday morning. 7am stops being Friday night and becomes Saturday morning right?

So as you can probably guess from the title and what I’ve said above, I spent Friday night (and Saturday morning) in A&E, which stands for Accident and Emergency for those unaware. Basically I had to go to the hospital because I injured myself.

Just as I was about to go to bed part of my wooden desk broke off and wedged itself in my finger under the nail. Yes technically you could say it’s a splinter but the shard of wood wedged under my nail, which is a form of torture done in some parts of the world where they stick bamboo under your fingernails, was actually bigger than the nail itself. It was fucking painful.

Just imagine having a giant shard of wood, longer than your nail, wedged all the way under your nail so that none of it is poking out. That is what happened to me.

Within ten minutes I had finished my drink and was off to the hospital where I had to wait 5 hours to be seen, 5 of the longest hours of my life. Still at least they managed to get it out in one piece without having to take my nail off. Better still it looks like I’ve managed to avoid an infection, yay! My finger is a bit sore and swollen which makes typing a bit difficult but well it clearly could have been worse.

The thing that amazed me was there was like two or three homeless people basically spending the night in there. They weren’t there for treatment or anything like that, no they were just sleeping there because its warm and dry. It’s actually quite sad that that is the only place for them to go. One homeless came in just to use the toilet (for like an hour) and then left.

Sadly this is the most exciting to have happened to me in a while.

Around the world with Dave – Stop 13

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