News Story: Which biscuits are best for dunking in tea?

So I came across an article that has said that scientists have concluded which biscuit is best for dunking in your tea.

Don’t you just hate it when you are dunking your biscuit and it falls in your tea and you either quickly get a spoon to rescue it, or it just slumps to the bottom of your cup, just lurking there until you have nearly finished.

Well scientists undertook a test to find out which is the best for dunking and the list followed by the number of dunks is as followed:

  1. Rich Tea (14)
  2. Chocolate Digestive (8)
  3. Digestive: (2)
  4. Hobnob: (2)
  5. Ginger Nut: (2)

Does anyone else want to test this out? I do.



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