We uploaded our first video to our Vexing Point YouTube channel

Exciting times, earlier on we uploaded our first video to our Vexing Point YouTube channel. Go us!

One of the things we wanted to do when we started this blog was write/talk about stupid stuff in the news and while we have done that a little bit (OK hardly at all) we’ve decided to make an effort to rectify this and we figured the bestest most funnest way of doing that was by doing a short YouTube video each day.

The main advantage is it’s easier for us to express ourselves. It’s hard to convey just how aggravating and frustrating some of these news stories make us.

Our first video was about the story where a mother was complaining her babysitter wanted to be paid minimum wage which you can watch here.

Any advice, tips, suggestions on how we can make our videos better would be great to hear.

And if you come across any interesting news stories you think we’d like send them our way.


Going to Kew Gardens tomorrow!

As the title says I’m going to Kew Gardens tomorrow (weather permitting because this is England after all)!

I talked about it in my Around the World Sightseeing Tour stop 13 (check it out here) and I’m really excited. Yes I was meant to go earlier but you know how life has that horrible habit of throwing up random events that force you to change your plans at the last-minute. Plus the aforementioned English weather.

I’ve got my camera on charge ready to take lots of pictures which I’ll upload over the weekend along with a post talking about how, fingers crossed, the day was so check back for that.