Around the world with Dave – Stop 13

Welcome to around the world with your lovable and witty host, me, Dave. This is the place where I tell you all about the places around the world I hope to one day visit.

Our stop this week keeps us in the UK and brings me very close to home with some Royal Gardens in London.

Any guesses where it is? It is of course Kew Gardens.

OK so technically I’m cheating with this one a little bit because I’ve been to Kew Gardens a handful of times before (most recently last year) but it is an amazing place to see and I’m going again at some point this week. Yes I will be taking my camera and taking lots of pictures and yes I will put them up on here after I’ve been. I should probably charge the battery on my camera.

Kew Gardens is the largest collection of living plants in the world with over 30,000 different kinds of plants. It also has over seven million preserved plant specimens in one of the world’s largest herbarium.  I feel sorry for the poor bastard who had to go around counting them. Can you imagine losing count halfway through?

Kew was adopted as the national botanical gardens in 1840 but this being England there is an older and much more complicated history. There have been Royal Courts and estates and houses and what not in the area since 1299 when Edward 1 moved his court to the area which encouraged courtiers to move to the area and so on.

It’s a great day out, providing the weather is nice, and there are plenty of plants to learn about. It is truly amazing what they can use plants for.

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