Daily Prompt: Suitcase

My response to the daily prompt called Suitcase which asked;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

To me there is nothing worse in the world than packing a suitcase, well maybe lugging one around on the tube and then the train.

It’s all just such a hassle. First you have to decide what you want to pack, then you have to work out the optimal way of cramming everything into the suitcase at which point you realise it won’t all fit so you have to take everything out and work out what to cut now before you cram it all back in.

Then comes the weight test. Will I be able to comfortably carry this all day? Will it fit into storage areas? Is it so full it will burst? Did I pack everything? All that while that little voice at the back of your mind is going “heehee you’ve forgotten something” but it won’t tell you what.

You manage to get it on the Tube, you manage to get it down the platform and onto the train before finally finding a place to store but because you are travelling on public transport and there are a lot of shifty people about you are constantly worried about your suitcase glancing around every couple of minutes to make sure it is OK.

All in all it is a very stressful experience dealing with suitcases. It’s why I prefer to travel light.



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