Things that vex me… people who pose naked at historic and religious sites

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

Last time it was idiots who stand at traffic lights without pushing the bloody button, this week it is disrespectful arseholes who take their cloths off at historic and religious sites because once again it’s in the news.

Now I’m no prude and I’m pretty laid back. I don’t really have a problem if people want to wander around nude or anything like that, in fact with some people it should be greatly encouraged. The rest of you, please please please keep your clothes on.

However like most things in life there is a time and place, and historical and religious sites is not the time or place for getting your kit off.

I’ve spoken about this topic before (here) when those idiots got arrested on that sacred mountain in Malaysia and I’ll say now what I said then, when in Rome do as the Romans  do. Are the locals stripping off and posing for pictures at these sites? No?  Well maybe you shouldn’t either.

Now I can understand being happy and comfortable with your body, wanting to show it off, enjoying the feel of the open air on your body, the freedom away from your clothes or whatever your excuse is but these sites are important to people. They hold all kinds of meanings and significance for people so why do it there? There are plenty of other places you can be naked, strip off in the woods, on a designated beach, your back garden, a friends house, anywhere but these places. It’s common sense.

Is it a power thing? Do you get off on the idea of being disrespectful? Is it because it is taboo and breaking the rules? I mean admittedly that last one is fun but have some bloody self control.

And if you are going to do it, don’t take bloody pictures. How stupid can you be? Oh let’s do this highly offensive thing that will upset the locals, which could get us in a load of trouble and take a picture of ourselves doing it so we have some evidence. Wait until it’s nice and quiet, until no one is about and then do it. No pictures. Or if you do take pictures don’t upload them to the internet and bloody social media with hashtags and all that crap where everyone, including the locals, can see it. You are asking to be caught.

You know it might be the stupidity that annoys me most. Maybe. I dunno I still stand by when in Rome do as the Romans do.


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