Around the world with Dave – Stop 8

Welcome to around the world with your lovable and witty host, me, Dave. This is the place where I tell you all about the places around the world I hope to one day visit.

Our stop this week takes us to North Atlantic Ocean and a mysterious triangle.

It is of course the Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle. I should imagine the triangle part gave it away.

This is the first non-building/monument to make it onto this list. Well done Bermuda Triangle.

Since the Bermuda Triangle isn’t a building/monument, there’s no history or connection to an ancient civilisation, it’s not a symbol of human triumph,  it’s not even a breathtaking site like Niagara Falls (which I’ve actually been to so won’t ever make this list) so why is it here?

The simple answer is because of its legend and place in popular culture. I want to sail through the Bermuda Triangle just so I can say that I have. I explored it and I survived. I want to see if there is any truth to tales for myself. I want to see if I have my own experience there. Well I suppose just by going there I will have my own experiences of the place but I meant experiences of an unexplainable variety.

According to the US Navy the triangle does not exist but considering the US government has a long history of lying and covering things up are you really going to believe them? I’m probably on some NSA/CIA watch list now for that remark. Hi.

Sadly when you actually start looking into it a lot of the Bermuda Triangle stuff is overhyped. The number of ships and planes that go missing there is played up and is actually pretty insignificant when compared to the number of ships and planes that pass through it.

I’d still like to go there and see it for myself though. If nothing else I’ll get a nice cruise out of it and that’s never a bad thing. Plus sometimes you need a break from historical sites.

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8 thoughts on “Around the world with Dave – Stop 8”

  1. The one I have been waiting for! Plus from watching Ancient Aliens! There are 2 or 3 other spots one in Mexico one off of Thiland I think all like The Bermuda Triangle. What creeped me out was that they all line up along the equator in. One long line across the globe! I will defiantly be looking into this more!

    1. There’s the devil’s sea/dragon’s triangle off the coast of Japan as well which is similar. It was the setting of the Tomb Raider reboot which makes it kinda cool.
      It is weird that they all line along the equator, I wonder if that has some meaning we are yet to discover.

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