It’s the first day of Spring and many other things

The dark and gloomy months of winter are finally over because Spring is here at last although in great British tradition we’ve got a dull overcast day to celebrate it. Yay! It’s funny because it’s been nice and sunny for the past week or so but as soon as Spring is here, no more sunshine.

But that’s not all today is. Today is also;

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Isn’t this something done throughout the year? There are various laws and campaigns aimed at tackling this issue, I’m not sure it should be restricted to just a day.

World Poetry Day

I was going to try to write a short poem here but no, I can’t do poetry.

International Day of Nowruz

Nowruz is a festival or Persian and Zoroastrian origin that has been celebrated for over 3000 years to mark the first day of Spring  in the Northern Hemisphere. (Yes I had to look it up)

World Down Syndrome Day

Again it’s good that it gets a day but its an all year round issue.

International Day of Forests

It’s nice that the forests get a day but how many trees in the forest are cut down to print leaflets to remind people that it is International Day of Forests? Might be doing more harm than good there.


That’s six things happening today, does anyone else think that’s a bit much? It feels cluttered and they take away from each other. Which is more important? Ending racial discrimination, down syndrome or the forests? Do we pit them against each other in a Mexican standoff, the winner getting the most attention this year? The poetry is sat in the corner keeping out-of-the-way writing a poem about the standoff.

If anything 21st March should be just the first day of Spring and the International Day of Nowruz which celebrates the first day of Spring. Everything else should be moved to other days, surely there is room in the calendar?


Oh and in more typical British fashion just as I was about to post this I saw a ray of sunshine through the clouds but now its gone again.


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