Around the world with Dave – Stop 5

Welcome to around the world with your lovable and witty host, me, Dave. This is the place where I tell you all about the places around the world I hope to one day visit.

Our stop this week is in China and something called Great.  Can you guess where it is?

It is of course The Great Wall of China.

Of course if you have seen Karl Pilkington you might know it as The Alright Wall of China instead.

The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications built east-to-west along China’s northern border to protect the Chinese states and empires from attacks, raids, and invasions of the various nomadic groups that lived on the Eurasian Steppe.

Of course the wall did not just have defensive benefits, it has allowed for the control/regulation of things like trade and immigration/emigration. This is how they put into place trade tariffs on goods, the bastards.

Over the years the various fortifications and bits of wall were joined together and made bigger and stronger before being enhanced with watch towers, troop barracks, and garrison stations along with signalling capabilities.

And then we come to the most incredible part about this massive man-made wall, how far it stretches. The short answer is thousands of miles. The longer answer is more complicated, the walls from the Ming Dynasty, which is the majority of the existing wall runs for 8,850 km or 5,500 mi, made up of 6,259 km (3,889 mi) sections of actual wall, 359 km (223 mi) of trenches and 2,232 km (1,387 mi) of natural defensive barriers such as hills and rivers.

The distance from the most southwest point to the most northeast point of Great Britain is only 603 miles in a straight line. Or how about the distance of London to New York? That’s just 5570.2 km or 3461.16 miles.

However when archaeologists measured the wall with all of its branches they found it to measure a whopping 21,196 km or 13,171 mi. Which is just mind blowingly big. When you look at numbers like that it is easy to see how the myth about it being big enough to see from space started.

The views from the wall are meant to be impressive as well, they certainly look so from pictures that I have seen but since I haven’t been myself I can’t confirm, it could all be an elaborate hoax to trick people into visiting The Great Wall.

It’s just incredible to think that such an enormous structure could have been created not just by man but ancient man.

Remember to check back next week to see where we’ll be stopping next time.

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