Daily Prompt: Leap

Today’s daily prompt is called Leap and it asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Ah yes it’s February 29th which means it’s a leap year. Some people really do try to make it out to be a far bigger deal than it actually is, however there are two great things that happen in leap years.

The first is the UEFA European Championships and for the first time in over 50 years Wales have actually qualified for a tournament, yay them, but better still they have been drawn into the same group as England. It’ll be a high pressure game with neither side wanting to lose because of all that pride on the line, however that’ll probably mean it’ll be a dull game that finishes 0-0 or something.

The second great thing to happen every leap year is of course the Olympics which this year will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It’s the first Olympics in South America and with how great Brazil did with the World Cup two years ago I’m excited to see what they do here. Hopefully the zika virus will be cleared up by the time the games start.

And that is what leap years mean to me, two big sporting events.

I think the leap year nonsense is messing with my brain, I’ve just answered a daily prompt normally! Tomorrow normal service will be resumed. I hope.



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