The BBC are planning to take a step closer to being Big Brother by monitoring people as they watch TV

There was a story last week talking about how the BBC is planning to use face-tracking technology to reveal how you really feel about their shows because that’s not creepy at all.

The BBC are going to use taxpayers money from their outrageous and outdated license tax to extend its roll out of face-tracking technology after a successful trial to monitor viewers’ emotional reactions to TV programmes in a bid to better understand audience’s tastes and target them with programming they might prefer.

First, I just want to say fucking fuck off.

What isn’t asking people how they feel about your shows good enough for you BBC? Why hire people to write and conduct a survey to get people’s opinions when you can pay them spy on people instead? So much easier right? Can’t do what Netflix does and say “hey if you like this show you might like these shows!” Too difficult?

Their argument will be something like “but this allows us to track a persons ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ emotional reactions to programmes and because they are ‘unconscious’ reactions a survey, poll, questionnaire etc are useless because the person is unaware of them.”

Well you know what? Too fucking bad. Why do you need that information? Why can’t a persons unconscious reactions, thoughts, feelings etc remain private. Damn that sounds stupid to say. It’s a ludicrous and terrifying thought that a state funded organisation, which is what the BBC is, wants to record your unconscious reactions in your own home.

Hello? Can anyone else see what is going on here? Please tell me I’m not alone.

This is the same BBC that is heavily politically biased and for years has blocked speech and reporting on certain difficult topics and stories. Will they be recording and making a note of our conscious and unconscious reactions to news/political stories? Over time building up a profile of your political feelings and for what?

Where will all this information be stored? Who will have access to it? How long will it be kept on record? Can we opt out (not that my TV has a camera or anything)? Will this information be sold to third parties? What happens if the computers storing this information get hacked into?

Will it be just a camera or once they have cameras will they push for microphones so they can record what we are saying as well? You can see it now “oh to better understand people’s tastes we need to hear what they are saying so we can gauge that reaction as well.”

Our phone calls, text messages, skype conversations, and internet usage are already monitored and recorded (hi NSA and GCHQ) can we not even have privacy when we are sat in our living rooms now?

George Orwell must be spinning in his grave screaming that 1984 was a warning not a fucking instruction manual.

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