Some more thoughts on the story of a guy throwing an alligator through a drive-through window

The other day I told you about the idiot who threw an alligator through a drive-through window because stupidity and, as always is the case after you publish something, I’ve had some more thoughts on it.

Ignoring all my out standing questions about how he got the alligator in the car, drove with the alligator in the car, and managed to throw it through a window I’ve had a few thoughts about what it must have been like for that poor alligator who happily was OK after his ordeal.

Do you think he got back home to where all his alligator mates are was like “guys, guys, you’ll never guess what happened to me. There I was walking down the street minding my own business when a human pulled up in a car, picked me and threw me into the backseat and took me for a ride. At first I was shitting myself thinking what’s this nutter got to do to me praying he wasn’t going to turn me into a handbag but then we pulled up to a drive-through and I thought this guys alright you know. Then when the server turned around to grab the food the arsehole threw me through the drive-through window!”

All his alligators mates are there rolling their eyes thinking things like sure Barry, of course that happened, you’ve been laying out in the sun too long again.

Or it could have ended an alligator marriage. The alligator gets home late because, well obviously his day was thrown out of schedule unless he planned to meet the idiot which opens up even more questions, and his wife is like “where have you been? You were meant to be home hours ago?”

His response would be like “honey you won’t believe the day I’ve had…” and goes into the story. She’ll think he’s spent the day drinking or having an affair.

Yeah I know alligators don’t have this level of social sophistication like humans do but laying in bed the other night struggling to get to sleep I kept thinking about this story and this were the images that kept playing in my head. The alligator struggling to get his friends to believe him. It amused me.


4 thoughts on “Some more thoughts on the story of a guy throwing an alligator through a drive-through window”

  1. Oh man, I actually started feeling for the little reptile. What if he isn’t reunited with people he knew? Makes me sad!

    And I wouldn’t believe that alligator even if it could speak

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