Daily Prompt: B+

Today’s daily prompt is called B+ and it asks;

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

But I was at a football match last weekend not listening to music… Here’s a review of that football match in a shameless plug for our Football YouTube channel. >>>>>HERE<<<<<

I have never ever ever ever in my life read a music critics anything let alone review of a new album. Do they actually exist? If I like a band I’d buy their new album because well I’m a fan of their work and am interested in the new stuff and styles they try, and even if I ultimately don’t end up liking the album, I’m happy to own it and it in my collection and to have heard it.

Of course it’s been a long time since I last actually bought an album, Metallica’s Death Magnetic back in 2008 (didn’t realise it was that long ago). It’s far too easy to listen to music online now, although they are bringing out an album this year or early next year which I shall be picking up.

Oh yeah and I don’t mean a digital version. Screw that. I like physical copies of albums I buy. They look nice on my shelf.

I’m assuming the B+ is meant to be like a grading system correct? And the intention was for us to grade our weekends? Well I’m going to grade the daily prompt instead, without any of these silly + and -.

I’m going to give this prompt a D. Talk about music critics and album reviews feels very outdated. Who reads music critics nowadays? Very outdated. Please find a more modern reference/comparison.



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