Daily Prompt: Worst Case Scenario

Today’s daily prompt is called Worst Case Scenario and it asks;

Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?

Yay a fun one!

OK so worst things that could today, I die. I mean it’s pretty final isn’t it? No more days. No more nothing. A real downer and one that removes any possibility for things getting better.

However I am a firmer believer that there are many many fates worse than death and if death is a bad outcome for a day these are even worse.

A complete and total loss of freedom. An evil government (or something similar) takes over and starts passing laws that remove any kind of privacy, freedom or rights, you know sort of like what is currently happening. Living a life where you have zero freedom seems pretty pointless and miserable to me.

The robot uprising begins. If and when this happens, if it is anything like in the films we are in trouble, deep deep trouble.

I get abducted and experimented on by aliens. This just sounds bloody horrible and traumatising. The sort of thing scars you for life and never leaves you. See with death it’s all over and done with, no more worries, with this you carry it until you die.

I become a politician of some kind. Honestly this is probably the worst case scenario (look at that I worked the title in!) What a horrible fate to fall any human, becoming a nasty, slimey, utterly repulsive creature known as a politician. A creature so vile they are despised throughout both the known and unknown universe. There are beings out there who have never heard of Earth or been anywhere near it but they know how vile politicians. Yes I am still having problems with my local council.

As for the best thing that can happen, I become supreme ruler of the universe. First thing I’d do, remove the politicians. Find a desolate rock by a black hole to prevent any form of escape and leave them there.

Other good things that could happen. Every politician mysteriously disappears or dies the world over. The world would instantly become a better, nicer, more productive place.

I’m annoyed now.



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