12 Days of January: Day 4- January Sales

After Christmas you get the sales- Boxing day Sales and then the January sales. Or just post-Christmas sales that start on Boxing day and carry on into January. 

I do like the January sales, you can get some good deals.

Perfume and handbags are usually what I look for in the sales.

The only thing I don’t like about the sales are the amount of people- it gets so hectic, people barging you out the way and it just gets so hot.

However, the worst are people who just stand in the way with like three big bags of stuff they have either bought or intend to buy, queue in random places, have pushchairs, or just stand their browsing unaware they are in the way.

Anyone else braved the January sales this year?

The amazing thing is now is a good time to go and see the last bits available now a lot of people have probably gone back to work and the children are back at school.

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