My goals for 2016

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a good time celebrating it because sadly 2016 is upon us which means it’s time for some new goals.

As I said in my end of year review, I didn’t do all that well with my goals for 2015 so let’s see if I can do any better this year (my guess is it is unlikely).

1. Blog everyday

Coming in at number one on my list is the same thing that I had at number one last year. Thanks to the daily prompt I just about managed this one in 2015 (although I did have to go back on a few occasions to make up the missing days).

For 2016 then, the aim is for more than just the daily prompt each day. Does this count?

2. Read more

My number two goal from last year keeps its place at number two again for 2016. Since about October time I’ve been reading a bit each night and I’d very much like to continue you that for the year.

3. Write more

This one ties into number one. If I blog everyday, more than just the daily prompt that is, I will be writing more and thus achieving this goal but I feel it deserves its own special place to really hammer the point home.

4. Actually finish a piece of writing

I have so many ideas for stories, novels, scripts, TV shows, games etc stuck in my head or with rough ideas jotted down on various bits of paper that have never really gone anywhere.

In fact the only stories I’ve finished are the ones I’ve posted on this blog and even then most of them aren’t finished they are just complete chapters.

This year I want to actually take an idea I’ve had and finish it. Just writing that is scary.

5. Start a YouTube channel

OK so I’ve sorted started this one already by posting a video, along with Megan, on our Football YouTube channel, but as I said in my end of year review, one video a channel does not make. This goal is to continue recording videos, uploading at least one a week.

6. Get organised

Oh how much better my life would be if I was just a little bit more organised.

For this one I am going to create a schedule for each of my three blogs with features to be posted on specific days and times. I’ve tried to keep the ‘Things that vex me…’ feature to every Friday at 7pm UK time for a while now but I know I end up missing it some weeks.

I have a travel feature planned talking about all the places in the world that I want to see/visit so I’ll pick a day for that and stick to posting it that day.

7. Visit people’s blogs more

Something I say a lot but I do actually try to there are times when I’m quite good at it. The problem is I’ll be reading through someone’s blog, liking post after post and get paranoid about it making me look weird, which sounds mad I know, and I’m like “oh I better leave a comment” and I have no idea what to say. Just saying “good post” or “yeah I agree” just seems silly and I think will make me look like an idiot and so I agonise for like half an hour over what to say before coming out with a pathetic excuse which just saps any kind of will to keep reading blogs. I must sound mad here,

8. Eat better

I’ve started cooking more which is good but there is still too much chocolate, cake, biscuits, and beer in my diet. Eating better seems like it’d be a good idea.

9. Get in shape

Linked into eating better is getting into better shape. We all know the benefits of being fit and healthy so I won’t bore you with the details here.

10. Relax more

Because life is stressful and we all need to relax every now and then.


Those are my goals for 2016. Hopefully I should be able to manage them a lot better than I managed my goals for 2015.


12 thoughts on “My goals for 2016”

  1. On number 7. It’s actually pretty cool when someone is stalking you on your blog, as long as it isn’t in reality which happened to me again today. Stupid security system. Wait. What? Oh yeah. Stalking. I would feel very weird if someone liked a bunch of my Facebook posts, but wheb someone likes blog posts, it makes it feel so worth it. Oh writing from this stupid phone isn’t easy. Yeah. Okay.

      1. Yeah I know. Blogs are like Facebook…. but with more depth. And so when someone mass likes on Facebook, you start to wonder what that persons business is lol

    1. It is I guess but it feels like it stops things from getting cluttered and really it was just breaking one up into three smaller categories. What are your three for?

      1. I have a dream blog (Dream Retrieve) and an all photography blog, plus this mixed one which is basically the main and the one I post on everyday. The other ones I hardly ever update and aren’t as important to me.

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