12 Days of January: Day 1- Dry January

I really enjoyed doing 12 days of Christmas, so I thought I’d do a 12 days of each month. It will be a mixture of things.

Day 1 kicks off with Dry January.

Dry January is the idea that you go the whole month of January without drinking alcohol.

It is to test yourself, to see if you can. It is a great way to see health benefits of not being on the booze (clear skin, weight loss), but also to show that you don’t need alcohol and also to save money.

People probably don’t realise how much they drink until they think about it. A glass of wine with dinner every night, it does soon add up.

If you want to get involved, search Dry January into google and you will get more information.

If you don’t drink alcohol, perhaps giving up something┬álike chocolate up for month, for the exact same reasons.

I will be back for day 2 of 12 days of January, where I will be talking about celebrating New Year.


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