My end of year review – How badly did I fail to meet my goals?

End of year review seem to be a trendy and popular thing to do and since I did set myself 10 goals at the start of the year (check them out here) I thought I’d give this whole end of year review thing a go myself.

How was 2015 and how did I do in meeting my goals?

Fucking shit. Let’s not beat about the bush 2015 has been an awful year and I failed to meet most of my goals, even the ones I did meet I could have done a lot better with.

2015 will forever be the year I learnt just how shit and fucked up local councils are. Seriously they have made a catalogue of errors and all they do is offer excuse after excuse, contradicting themselves in the process and making fresh mistakes. I still can’t go into details because we are still trying to resolve things with them but as you can guess it’s not going well.

OK so let’s look at each of my goals and see how I did.

1. Blog everyday

Yay we get off to a positive start. I’ve missed the odd day here and there but for the most part I have blogged – which feels odd to say – everyday. For the most part it’s been the daily prompt but hopefully you feel that’s better than nothing.


2. Read more

Bit of a mixed one this. At the start of the year yes, I was reading most nights, then I finished the books I was reading and struggled to get into any new books. Around October I got back into reading again which I’ve been doing every night since. Yes even when drunk, I just have to re-read parts several times to take it all in.

I’ve read a lot more than what I did in 2014 so I’m counting it.


3. Complete the incomplete

Nope. No where near. If anything my incomplete list has just become longer this year.


4. Learn something new everyday

I started off well with this one, I did what is a city? 10 facts about tigers, and 10 facts about penguins among a couple of other facts but then I struggled with things to look up and learn about. I know, I know, how is that possible with the power of the internet at my fingertips? Well that’s the problem, too much choice. You get overloaded and don’t know where to begin.

There is some good news though because I’m thinking of bringing it back, just in a modified format. A weekly top 10 kinda thing which I’ve already started preparing for by researching lots of facts about the greatest city in the world – London. Although I’ve found so many interesting facts about London I might have to break it up into small sections like 10 facts about the London Underground etc.


5. Learn a new language

This one lasted about two days. I learnt a couple of Spanish words but I’ll be damned if I can remember any of them now. Maybe I should have gone with German since I already know some.


6. Learn to draw

I sat down to draw one night and did a couple of scribbles that were so awful I haven’t dared try again since.


7. Cook more with weekly meal prep

One of those ideas that sounds amazing and gets you pumped for being a happy, organised, and productive human when in reality you are more like, eh I’ll do it when I’m actually cooking.

I failed with the weekly food prep part but I have been cooking a lot more this year.

We were going to have more food stuff on this blog but Megan just kept saying “not this time”.


8. Start a YouTube channel

Sort of did this one right at the last. We set up a YouTube channel for our football blog that has one video up on it (here) and we are planning to make more (Megan just keeps saying “we’ll see tomorrow” when I ask her).

I’m also getting ready to start my gaming YouTube channel. On my gaming blog I asked for ideas to help create a Sims 4 let’s play (check that out here and let me know your thoughts).

Still one video a channel does not make.


9. Join a club/find a hobby

OK I’m going to be honest, I forgot about this one as soon as I had written it. Still I might look for a comedy group or writing group in the new year.


10. Get in shape

I’m sat drinking beer and eating Christmas chocolates as I write this so what do you think?

Seriously though before the weather turned to shit around October/November time I was going for a walk each day. Granted it’s not enough but it was a start and it was better than nothing.



And now the matter of the score. I have two passes and eight failures. A success rate of just 20% which is just awful. Bloody awful. I told you right at the start that it had been a shit year.

In the new year I will set myself another 10 goals for the year. I will re-use a couple from here but this time make them more specific.

If you are struggling to come up with any New Years Resolutions remember to check out our 30 New Year Resolutions ideas post for some great ideas.

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