Die Hard is a Christmas film!

With Megan doing her 12 days of Christmas (round 2) one of the topics was Christmas films which started the discussion over what our favourite Christmas films are. Naturally I said Die Hard which led to an argument, with Megan saying it’s not a Christmas, of course she’s wrong and here’s why.

It takes place at Christmas. Bang. Instantly you can see why it should be classed as a Christmas film. Any film that takes place at Christmas should instantly be classed as a Christmas film, it’s that simple.

Furthermore the only reason that Bruce Willis’ character John McClain is in Los Angeles and not New York when the events of the film take place is because it’s Christmas and he’s done to see his daughters for the holidays. He even has presents.

There’s even some dialogue about it being Christmas but more importantly there’s a Christmas pun. After killing a henchman and taking his gun, McClain puts said henchman back in the lift with a note saying “ho ho ho, now I have a machine gun”.

And and let’s not forget, the film also has some Christmas music in it. Why would it have Christmas music if it wasn’t a Christmas film? Answer, it wouldn’t.

Die Hard is a Christmas film.


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