12 Days of Christmas Round 2: Day 1 (13) – Games

Christmas is an opportunity to get the board games out and play against friends and family.

A lot of people round this time of year love to get out their board games. Monopoly, articulate, cluedo, etc. (Remember to check out today’s writing prompt which asks what is your favourite boardgame).

I used to love a game of frustration on Christmas morning. It isn’t a long game and you can just have quick game before dinner preparations begin.

We don’t play multiple games, if any at all, as well I love to watch my soaps at Christmas, as does my mum.

What I would like to know is, if you play games at Christmas, do you get very competitive with your family? So competitive that you have argued? Maybe even tears shed?

Never happened in my family that I am aware of. Thank goodness.

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