The problem with titles. Oh and introductions.

As I’m sure regular readers may have noticed by now, I have a set way that I title my blog posts and start. Although ironically enough this post talking about said conventions of mine also breaks with those conventions.

For instance for my things that vex posts I always title it “Things that Vex me…” and then whatever the topic is, so squirrels or noisy kids on trains. And then if you click on the post to read it (which I hope you do) you’ll be greeted by an introduction I use every week (or when I next write a things that vex me post).

“Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

Last time it was Slow Walkers (again), this time its the turn of squirrels.”

Only varying the last line to mention the current topic and the one before it.

I do this with my writing prompts (Writing Prompt #92 – Letter to Santa),  writing prompt answers (Writing Prompt #89 answer – Reward Yourself), and the daily prompt (Daily Prompt: Pick your Gadget).

It’s weird, I knew I was doing it, but at the same time I wasn’t aware how much I was doing it.

So why do I do it? Well part of it is some weird compulsive need for everything to be neatly labelled so that I can easily categorize my posts. The main reason why I do it, I think, is because it makes it easier for me to write the actual post. I have lost track of the amount of blog posts I have given up on and scrapped because I couldn’t think up a title for it or an introduction. By having my set formats I’ve taken away worry for things like the daily prompt, but the struggle remains for me when trying to write outside of them. I just get stuck and end up obsessing over the title and its introduction so much that the actual post never gets written.

So here’s my question. Or rather questions.

  • Does my title and introduction convention annoy you?
  • Do you think I should break it?
  • How do you come up with titles and introductions?

3 thoughts on “The problem with titles. Oh and introductions.”

  1. I loved this particular title 🙂 I personally like posts that aren’t very…. regular-ish. Like I have only one weekly feature for my blog even though the other posts are posted in the same days of the week, which is Teysday, but I don’t mention Tuesday’s. LOL I have no clue how to even speak my thoughts here. Hm.. I usually like fun titles that grab my attention. I don’t like sameness very much if the posts are personal….. get me? I don’t know if you got me. But I was interested in this post and the spontaneity is what I like in the titles. I don’t know what your other readers might rhink. Ugh typing on a phone is hard. Ah lol that’s it.

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