Daily Prompt: Press It

Today’s daily prompt is called Press It and it asks;

Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.

Well I still don’t read as many blogs or blog posts as I should but I did actually make an effort this weekend and I read some people’s replies to the daily prompts from throughout the week and I found a couple I really like.

First up is macbofisbil answer to the daily prompt called “pick your gadget” (check it out here). He has a brilliant plan to save Star Wars from all those changes George Lucas made. And to prevent Jar Jar.

Second is diddums answer to the “pick your gadget” daily prompt (here). I just love the amount of detail put into the answer on this.

And finally we have saint p blogging and their answer to the daily prompt “if I ruled the world” where we could change a law of nature (here). I don’t want to spoil this one but the answer is genius. Makes my plan to lower the Earth’s gravity so people lose weight look stupid.



13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Press It”

  1. (Batters bluetooth keyboard and finally gets it working). This is why I wouldn’t trust a new age Time Machine. 🙂 A Victorian one is more likely to be dependable. I think we’re in the same boat with spreading the bloggy love around, though — I’m reading more, but tend to end up getting distracted with other things! Here’s to the New Year — I hope our new resolutions prevail.

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