12 Days of Christmas: Day 12-Shopping

The shops are very busy now that Christmas is less than two weeks away!

The shops are so busy now, and it will only get worse, next weekend will be chaos!

I mentioned about buying presents early, but the one thing you can’t do early is your food shopping!

I mean, I go to M&S to get my turkey, but last year I went around a week before Christmas and they had no turkeys dated after the 24th December, so I had to wait like 4 days beforehand to just get one dated the 26th December.

Thankfully we did the rest beforehand and just went and got the turkey, but sometimes people want to do it at once, they have a list and just want to do it at once.

We are doing most of ours online and I think we will have to book ahead and get delivery for the 22nd/23rd December. Think about that if you are doing most of your food shopping online, as soon as those delivery dates are available, if not already, they will get taken quick.

From tomorrow we will be doing round 2 of 12 days of Christmas, taking you all the way up to Christmas Eve!

See you tomorrow!


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