Things that vex me… Public selfies

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

Last time it was Squirrels, this time it’s the turn of public selfies. Oh. Dear. God.

The other week I went to the cinema to see the new James Bond film Spectre (which I enjoyed) but as I was leaving there was a couple in the empty foyer area taking “selfies” (just saying the word makes me feel dirty) and they just looked so stupid. I want to point out they weren’t a young couple like teenagers. No they were easily in their late 20’s.

Now obviously I have seen people’s selfie pics before, I’m sure at this point they make up a good chunk of the internet, but I’ve never seen anyone actually taking one before and honesty, it is one of the dumbest and funniest things I have ever seen.

They looked so stupid stood to one side of the foyer area holding up a mobile phone striking all these different poses and for what? To post on social media with a caption that reads something equally dumb like “at the cinema with bae lol.” No! Stop it! You are grown ups. You are adults. Behave like it.

Seriously what is the point? You don’t sit watching the film in those poses, you don’t naturally or normally stand in those poses, so why make them for the camera?

Also who the hell cares? Sure, tell me you went to the cinema, tell me what you saw, tell what you thought of it (unless you like Superbad in which case I cannot and will not trust your opinion on films), and you can even tell me who you went with and how it went. But. And it’s a big one. Why the hell would I want to see pictures of you stood in the foyer area of the cinema striking silly poses? Why? What does it add to the conversation? What am I going to learn from it? Who is sat at home looking at them? Actually don’t answer that last one because looking at some of the selfies people take I can guess who looking at them and why.

The thing that amazed me most was the fact that they spent a good five minutes making their various poses and taking their stupid pointless pictures. And for those wondering why I stood watching them the whole time, the person I went to the cinema with was in the toilet and I needed some kind of entertainment to kill the time.

It didn’t help that they were clearly in their late 20s and far far far too old to be doing things like that. Unless you are going to be an attention whore posting semi-naked pictures of yourself for fame and money, which if that’s what you want to do go for it, selfies need an upper age limit. Once you reach a certain age you are too old to take them or else you are not allowed to be considered an adult. That said with how offended people seem to get over anything and everything now I’m not sure the next generation will ever be considered adults.

Here’s a question for those of you reading this that take selfies. Why? What do you do with them? Who do you share them with?


4 thoughts on “Things that vex me… Public selfies”

  1. I take selfies….but most of them I wouldn’t show anyone lol. But when I do, it’s usually from special occasions. And I want to delete some of the selfies I took from Facebook but Facebook is banned in Bangladesh (for now?) LOL. I don’t know what else to write. Most of my selfies are for my own entertainment really and I am too shy to show such silly poses to anyone else. But I don’t like taking pictures with other people because I don’t know whether they took my permission for it or not, and there should be a thing like this to take permission from the other person to see if they are okay with you. Which is why a lot of times when my cousins pose with me, I get all, “Yo, no share on FB!” And they’re like, “Boy, you’re really uncool”. Okay they don’t say it, but I know they think it. Wow, I really belong to this generation if I just wrote such a long comment over selfies.

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