Joke of the day

Noticing a mistake in St. Peter’s roster, God calls Satan; “It seems you accidentally received some of my professionals down there: a teacher, a doctor and a farmer.”

“Yeah,” Satan replies. “All the more for me!”

God replies, “You better send them up here immediately.”

Satan says, “No way. I’m keeping them.”

God says, “Send them up here, or I’ll sue the horns right off you.”

Satan laughs uproariously, “Yeah, right. And just where are YOU going to get a lawyer?”


7 thoughts on “Joke of the day”

      1. Yes, that’s right David, I’ve nominated you for the brand spanking new Cyberhug Awards for being a terrific human being! You’ve won a Cyberhug Award Certificate to show you that a Cyberhug has arrived in your inbox you lucky person you. Make sure you go to the official Cyberhug Awards website to see your name in a post. (Go here to see what I wrote about my mate Dave everyone

        How do you feel on this momentous occaision?

      2. It’s just so overwhelming, I’m speechless. It’s a brilliant idea and hopefully one that takes off. Does it come as a cash prize?

  1. Nope it does not, the gift certificates are only redeemable for free Cyberhugs whenever you want. Really David I’m shocked. I nominated you so be grateful because you help me to be a better blogger as I want to impress you.

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