Things that vex me… Slow walkers (again!)

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

Last time it was Argos Deliveries, this time it’s the turn of slow walkers. Again! Annoying slow bastards.

If slow walkers don’t annoy you, I hate to tell you this, but you probably are one. Actually wait I don’t hate to tell you, I will gladly tell you, slow walkers are annoying.

The worse thing about slow walkers is when they don’t move out the way. Don’t take up a whole corridor, hallway, or pavement of you and your fellow slow walkers and blocking the way for people who aren’t slow to overtake. It is rude and inconsiderate.

If you have somewhere to be, it is infuriating beyond belief. I actually think of these slow walkers to be selfish. Step aside or speed up. If you are old, on a walking stick or on crutches, I have bit more sympathy, but I still believe at the first opportunity you get to move aside, you should. And to be fair, people on crutches usually do in my experience.

However, the main reason I hate slow walkers is the fact I can’t actually walk slow, like I can start off slow but without even realising it I seem to pick up speed. And in all honestly it is awkward having to keep slowing down because I am right behind slow walkers who won’t step aside or are too engaged in conversation to really be aware of people behind them.

In all honestly I don’t think people behind should have to say excuse me, if you know they are there, over to stand aside, and we non-slow walkers will overtake and say thank you.

Also if you are in busy places, slow walkers is the biggest pain. I wish we could have walking lanes sometimes in places such as Central London, one for slow walkers and one for average walkers. It would make walking in busy places more tolerable.

Anybody else get annoyed by slow walkers? Let me know.

One of us will be back next week with something that vexes us.

Until next time.


3 thoughts on “Things that vex me… Slow walkers (again!)”

  1. I’m with you there, I can’t stand slow walkers who seem to take the path right down the middle with damning slowness. When I was walking, I used to take big strides as I;m nealry 6″1, and avoided the city like the plague, and now I’m using a chair I still avoid the city like the plague because I often move faster then other people. Do you think they should be given tickets by the slow police? If so perhaps you could get a job on a part time basis and vent your frustration at them. I knoww I would.

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